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Do you ever wonder if you have people that check your tumblr daily and just look and scroll until they hit the last post they remember?

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dean meme: dean + hugs

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⇢ himchan writing a letter to a fan | you’re truly amazing ♥

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She was answering my questions in English, while speaking to her mother in Japanese, so I remarked how impressive it was that she spoke two languages already. “Well her father is Russian,” said the mom, “so she speaks that too.”

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Danneel was over in the next section talking to a guy that I later found out was Jensen’s assistant. [I think i heard her call him Chris] She kept staring, so much that it was making me very uncomfortable and I just knew she was talking about us to him. She started coming in our direction and I’m thinking, “no, she’s not coming over here. She’s just walking by.” Then the next thing I know, she is directly in front of me in the next aisle. She said, “were you waiting outside earlier?” And I’m thinking, “oh crap. We’re in trouble.” And I immediately said, “Yeah. I’m sorry if i was rude.” She said, “oh no, thats not it. Jensen asked me to give these to you.” and handed me 3 autographed programs!”

Danneel Ackles Alphabet - K for Kind-Hearted
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