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tumblr made me a much more tolerant and less judgmental person like my cousin be like “omg look at that bitch eyebrows she drew them damn near in her hairline” and i’m like shrug maybe the bitch wanted to have eyebrows in her hairline you don’t know shit about her life.

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Selina Kyle, Birds of Prey v1 #13

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I absolutely hate smug food blog commenters that say shit like “I never use butter or milk when making macaroni and cheese, I use olive oil and a little water.”

Well guess who is never eating at your disgusting house, you goddamned savage. 

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Doodle Time by Sarah Anderson [tumblr | twitter | facebook]

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*goes a few hours without internet access* wow i’m so healthy and wild i could live in the woods

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Which superhero name would you give yourself if you weren’t Captain America and the Black Widow?

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DCAU Innuendo (4/?)

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