Every time Tenzin tells Korra that the Air Nomads can take care of things while she’s recovering, Korra is just reminded of what Zaheer told her, that the world doesn’t need her anymore.

- flameoflamehead

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has korra smiled yet?


its important to allow depressed people ownership over their own feelings, to let them feel sad if they’re sad and to let them feel happy if they’re happy. pushing a depressed person to express a positive emotion because their negative emotions make you uncomfortable is one of the worst ways you can handle them

the kids make korra smile and that’s good enough

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for those of you who saw the end of Season 3…

… too soon?

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Makorra indirect kiss through Naga. Good girl

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SDCC Interview from Wikia (x)
Thank you bryankonietzko! <3 I’m honoured. (Yes, there’s only one person running this blog lol)
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There is always a choice.

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imagine his reaction if he meets toph beifong

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when my mom tells me to clean up my room


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