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When Jongup showed his abs, someone a few rows behind me was like “THANK YOU JESUS I’LL GO TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY”

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@imsebastianstan: Yep. (x) (x)

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Jennifer Lawrence at a strip club.

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How to tell how much of a Marvel fan the people in the movie theater are:





Stage 1: Those who leave as soon as the movie ends

Stage 2: Those who know to stay until the credits for the extra scene

Stage 3: Those who stay until the end of the credits for the second extra scene

I’m a stage three. 

We all are

Stage 4: those who will stay until the ushers kick them out because they don’t trust marvel

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peter parker’s job is literally selling his selfies to the daily bugle

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A+X #4

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Everyone getting it on durin Check On and Junhong just (´ヮ`)

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