When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.

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a part of me really wishes that tumblr had a dating app. tinder freakin’ sucks. i’m so tired of seeing all these gym rats (which, good on you for being healthy but geez) and douchebags. i don’t want hook ups! so stop asking! okay to be fair i only got asked once but no one on there seems serious about finding someone anyways. freakin’ a man… finding a person with similar interests that i find attractive on there is legitimately the closest thing i know of to finding a needle in a hay stack… why is it so freakin’ hard to find someone nowadays? every time i turn around and develop a crush or date someone it just crashes and bursts into flames and i usually the one who gets burned in the end… sigh…


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Hey guys! So I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me but a lot of crazy crap has been going on. I’ll try to keep this brief but no promises:

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My First Follow Forever! I felt like posting this because my KH Trainers AU edits recently just blew up in notes and seeing the notes fly up kept me happy even though somethings just happened.  Bold is for Mutuals

All if not most of my mutuals are here if you aren’t I’m sorry but all my mutuals are forever ok.


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It’s almost mid-year and almost my birthday (yay!) so, as usual, here’s a “small” list of the people who manage to keep this place as fun as it’s possible. All of you are super talented, fun, smart & I really love seeing you around here.

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Omg! I just saw this! Thank you lovely! You are the best!

You guys should check out her blog and follow her okay? Okay c:

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Sittin’ at the desk at work again. Anyone want to talk to me? Send me some asks! You can ask me anything!

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Are you male or female?

I am a female~ :)

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Uhm hi yes hello .-. I just saw your text post and thought I'd come talk. I just realized how much our blogs have in common. Yours is fantastic <3

Oh, hello lovely~! Thank you for wanting to talk and for the compliment as well!


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